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Tracument is a web-based service that allows Canadian professionals to request, send, and receive documents. Our system allows you to send documents to any email address, and to request documents from any organization by fax or mail. The program simultaneously organizes and tracks all documents and requests coming into and going out of your office. Tracument’s secure servers facilitate prepayment, simplify accounting, and ease communication when providing and requesting documents.

Tracument is used by law firms looking for a complete solution to the time-consuming document discovery process, by medical professionals wishing to send patient records securely, and by all professionals interested in saving staff time and office resources while increasing the security of their confidential documents.

Major Benefits

Staff Time

Incur Zero
Material Cost
(Couriers, Stamps,
Envelopes, Paper, Etc.)

Simplify Your

Reduce Human Error
and Confusion

Increase Security
and Privacy

Track Everything
In and Out

Protect the

Simplify your

Aggregate Repetitive
Tasks like Sending
Reminders and
Closing Files

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