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Tracument’s Activities page is the central nervous system of the program. This page is divided by task, with sections for Requests, Incoming Portal, Secure Send, Paywall, and Paywall (Third-party). The Activities page lists each and every transaction under one of the above products, both incoming and outgoing, in one place. Items are added to the list automatically, reducing human error and ensuring that nothing is forgotten and that the list is up-to-the-minute. The entire list is searchable across many fields and sortable by date and status. See every incoming and outgoing item across your organization at-a-glance.


Automatically Added

Every time you send or request documents, that action is added to the appropriate section in activities automatically. Metadata from the request is pulled and displayed for easy searching and organization. Your entire office’s work is available in one place. Human error in adding, categorizing, and searching for previous actions is significantly reduced.

 Automatically Added


Information put into the usual table of requests or list of sent documents is static. The information cannot be manipulated, reordered, or displayed differently. With Activities, your sent requests and documents are automatically added and immediately searchable and organizable. You can organize by date and status, or search by file, sender (in your office), counter-party, or file number. In two clicks, you can display all open requests on a given file for any file in the office. In two clicks, you can see all documents sent to a specific law firm over a given time period.

Status and Relevant Information

Activities stores information in a way that is useful to you. After narrowing down your search results, you can see all relevant information on your actions based on your criteria. Search by file number to narrow your list to all sent requests, and immediately you can see how many are still open, when they were sent, and when they were last reminded. This data is generated automatically by the system, meaning no errors.

 Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions allows you to do the same thing across many different items in just two clicks. Want to send a reminder on all documents where you have not received payment? Just click select all, then send a reminder. Has a file settled? Narrow your sent requests to a given file, select all, and cancel them. In both cases, Tracument’s system will pull all the necessary data and automatically send those reminders or cancellation notices, meaning your staff can move on to more important tasks.


Tracument’s Activities page spools all sent and requested items across your entire office, making it easy to see the status of any file at-a-glance.

 Office Wide

End the time consuming task of manually tracking all of the documents entering and leaving your office. Use Tracument to automate tracking, reminding, and cancelling of document transfers. See all of your document transfers at-a-glance and in real-time. Stop spending time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks such a manually tracking document transfer and sending reminder and cancellation notices and start saving time now.

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