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Tracument’s Request function allows you to send a request to any organization, either through Tracument, by fax, or by mail. Simply specify the recipient of the request, drag in your related documents, and select your method of transmission. Tracument handles the rest.

 Request Documents

Universal Address Book

Tell Tracument where you want to send your request. Our address book is universal across all users--if any Tracument user has sent a request to your intended recipient, the organization will already be in our address book. If you do have to add an addressee, the system will remember it forever. Changes to existing addresses are reflected immediately, meaning you have access to the most up-to-date information available.

 Univeral Address Book
 Drag and Drop

Simple Drag and Drop

Tracument allows you to use your own request templates and letterhead. Simply drag and drop your internally-created files into our simple interface and tell us where and how to send them.

Send Requests Any Way You Like

Drag your request documents into the system and Tracument can deliver your request internally to a Tracument account, by fax, or by mail, meaning you can send a request to any organization in the world without leaving your desk. You save the hard costs associated with delivery, like stamps and paper.

 Send Requests Any Way You Like
 Track Requests

Track Requests

The instant you send a request, it is added to your Activities page complete with all related data. Imagine every request sent by your office organized automatically in one place, all searchable by various fields. See the status of all your requests at-a-glance.

Bulk Actions

Narrow your requests using the search function, and then perform a variety of actions on these requests in just two clicks. For example, search for open requests on a given file, and then send a reminder on every single one in an instant, saving massive amounts of time.

 Bulk Actions

 Request Flow

Using Tracument’s request feature will save you a considerable amount of staff time. Type out your request, drag it in to Tracument, and the rest of the process is automated. Every request in your office will be searchable and organized in your Activities page, allowing you to see the status of your requests at-a-glance. Sending reminders or cancelling requests at the end of a file is reduced to two clicks. Human error and material costs are eliminated entirely. Tracument charges a small fee per transaction, which allows you to take a time-consuming and non-revenue producing task, and turn it into a recoverable disbursement.

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