Providing (Sending) Documents

Document providers pay nothing to send chargeable documents. A small delivery fee (see below) is added to the invoice and paid by the recipient.

Receiving Documents

Tracument charges a delivery fee to the recipient of the document(s) as a percentage of the sender's invoice, with a minimum charge of $4 and a maximum charge of $16.

Fee Structure Charge
Fee 8%
Minimum $4
Maximum $16

For invoices issued prior to April 13, 2015, please click here for pricing structure.

Requesting Documents

Document requests are charged per transaction based on the method of delivery and size of the request.

  Price (First 10 pages) Additional Pages (Over 10)
Track Only Request Free N/A
In-network Request $0.50 N/A
Fax Request $1.00 $0.10
Mail Request $3.00 $0.25
Cheques $3.00 N/A
In-network Reminder/Cancellation Free N/A
Fax Reminder/Cancellation $1.00 $0.10
Mail Reminder/Cancellation $3.00 $0.25

Using Secure Send

Pricing for Secure Send is based on the total size of all files sent in one transfer.

Price (Up to 400MB) Additional Cost (Per Additional 100MB)
$2.00 $0.50

Using Incoming Portal

Pricing for Incoming Portal is based on the total size of all files sent over the life of the Portal. Portals may remain open indefinitely. You will be charged any additional charges automatically as you cross each size threshold.

Amount Uploaded Cost
400MB $4.00
1GB $6.00 ($10.00 total)
2GB $10.00 ($20.00 total)
Each GB thereafter $10.00/GB additional