Who We Are

Tracument is a Vancouver-based company offering document delivery and request services to the Canadian legal, medical, and educational communities. Tracument’s founders worked in the legal and accounting fields before creating the company and have since spent a considerable amount of time working with doctors and clinics to add understanding in that field.

The Tracument system is a suite of products designed to facilitate communication between professionals while helping them meet their professional obligations.

Tracument offers a complete document delivery service to clinics and medical practitioners to help them provide documents and records to law firms, insurance companies, and other businesses.

Tracument offers a complete document discovery system to law firms wishing to reduce the amount of staff time spent on this process by increasing automation and decreasing human error and confusion.

We allow professionals to move from various inefficient processes and methods of delivery, such as fax, mail, email, and couriers, to a unified process where all document requests and transfers are processed, tracked, and fulfilled in one place.

Tracument’s founders and staff are available by phone, email, and in your office to help you get the most out of our services.

Our Story

Tracument was founded in Vancouver, BC, in 2013. Before creating the company, Tracument’s executive worked in the legal and accounting fields and saw first-hand the inefficiency associated with conventional, paper-based document delivery and the limitations of existing electronic document transfer solutions. They formed Tracument Solutions Inc. with the aim of creating a modern, efficient, and secure electronic system to overhaul the process completely. Designed for professionals, the system was intended to meet high privacy and security standards and to help protect the environment by reducing paper consumption and physical delivery of documents.

Tracument launched its first product, a complete document delivery service, in 2013. In 2014, the company launched several additional services, including a complete document requesting system and Secure Send, another document delivery product. Tracument also expanded operations across Canada that year.

The company continues to innovate with the aim of providing simple, intuitive systems and services to the legal, medical, and educational fields. As security and privacy standards evolve and professionals leverage technology in their practices, Tracument is here with leadership, expertise, and a solution.

In early 2015, Tracument opened an office in Toronto.